Show Guidelines for Exhibitors or Table Holders


Safety at our shows is our number one priority.

  • There are to be no loaded firearms at anytime inside the buildings including CCW permit holders. Police, sheriff, and security personnel only will be allowed.
  • It is the table holder’s responsibility to make sure all firearms are unloaded and safe to display before entering the property.
  • All firearms are to be tied so they cannot be fired.  If you remove a firearm tie, please recheck the chamber and retie the firearm.  Extra firearm ties are available at the table rental desk.
  • Remove all magazines from the firearm.
  • There is to be no loose ammunition on the tables.  If you want to display a round on the box or can, it must be taped to it.
  • When you sell a firearm always ask for an Ohio driver’s license or State ID with their picture on it.  Anyone purchasing a handgun needs to be 21 years of age or older and 18 years of age or older for a shotgun or rifle.  You must be at least 18 years old to purchase ammo.
  • We suggest that you run a continuous cable thru the trigger guard of all your firearms unless they are in a case under glass to prevent theft.
  • Fair Trade Productions is not responsible for any items that are stolen.
  • Always keep your eyes open not only for your own items but for your fellow vendors as well.  Report anything suspicious to a member of the Fair Trade Productions’ staff.
  • All exhibitors/vendors are asked to keep their badges on during the show.  
  • We do not want merchandise or services that are not related to firearms use and collecting, hunting, or the military. The promoter reserves the right to cancel your table reservations at ANY TIME, including during the show, if you’re selling more items unrelated to the shooting sports than items related to the shooting sports.
  • We ask that if you have children at the show to please keep them under control for the safety of vendors and patrons.  Absolutely NO handling of firearms.
  • We ask that you keep all carts out of the aisles until the show has ended.
  • At the end of the show each day, please pick up and discard any trash you may have.
  • Plan to set up and stay during show hours unless previously arranged with promoter.

Fair Trade Productions wants to thank you for setting up with us.  We hope you saw old friends, made new friends and had fun!  We will always be happy to hear from you with any comments you may have about the show.