Show Guidelines for Attendees


SAFETY at our shows is our number one priority.

  • NO alcohol or intoxicants will be permitted on property.  If promoter feels you are intoxicated, you will be removed from the property.
  • Buying or selling firearms outside of the building (in the parking lot, near the entrance to the building, etc.) is NOT permitted.  If caught trading outside or near the entrance you will be escorted off the property and not allowed to enter.
  • NO recording of any kind is permitted at the show.  This includes photographs, video and audio.  Violators may be prosecuted under Ohio law.
  • By entering our show, you agree to obey all Federal, State and local laws, as well as show regulations (posted at the entrance).
  • THERE ARE TO BE NO LOADED GUNS INSIDE THE SHOW.  If you carry a firearm or hold a CCW permit, you must still unload and secure your firearm before entering the show.  Only security and uniformed law enforcement officials may carry a loaded firearm in the show – NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are caught with a loaded gun, you will be removed from the show.
  • Remove all magazines from the firearm.
  • No one under the age of 18 will be permitted unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Anyone purchasing a handgun needs to be 21 years of age or older and 18 years of age or older for a shotgun or rifle.  You must be at least 18 years old to purchase ammo.
  • We ask that if you have children at the show to please keep them under control for the safety of vendors and patrons.  Absolutely NO handling of firearms.
  • We encourage you to report inappropriate, improper, or suspicious behavior to a member of our staff.
  • By entering our show, you agree to hold harmless Fair Trade Productions and the facility owner from any and all liability for any theft, damages, losses or injuries incurred while at the show.  Fair Trade Productions and the facility owner accept no responsibility or liability for any damages or injuries resulting from an exhibitor’s or patron’s display or actions.We want to thank you for coming to our show!  Hopefully, you had a good experience and will be attending future shows.  We will always be happy to hear from you with any comments you may have about the show.